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How it works

It's very very simple


1. Good Question

Ask whatever you need and post it to the question pool.


2. Great Answer

Get a great answer from a professional.


3. Settle

Tip him for his time and effort.

Our Values

Qmann is superior.

100% Human Knowledge

No machine will understand you better than human! When you send a question to Qmann your question is sent to our Qmann network that gathers thousands of people. These people are experts in their field and they can provide you with the answer immediately. Practically, your question is answered in real time by real humans, so go ahead use Qmann - ask a human!

100% Ad Free

In today's world media = ads! It's not any more about providing public with right information at the right time but to sell as much advertising space as possible. Actually media exists for ads, people are overwhelmed with ads and we in Qmann know it! That's why we provide you with pure knowledge and precise answers with absolutely NO Ads!

Fast and Reliable

It's not only that you get your question answered in real time, but you also get the answers that you can rely on. There are plenty of Qmans waiting to respond to your question and transfer knowledge to make some pocket money. In case you're not happy with the answer we will send it for another round of answering to our top 10% answerers who will definitely have a great answer for you.

100% Secure

Unlike search engines that are using cookies and any possible technology to spam you with ads wherever you go, your personal data with Qmann is 100% safe. Actually, nobody can access any of your private data as the system is the only „one“ using it when it returns your answer. Qmann is using its own servers and cloud computing which keeps your data safe even from physical theft.

Time Saving

How many times you got lost in the wilderness of algorithm based search engines like Google, Yahoo or bing? Well, with Qmann it won't happen as your answers are answered by real humans who will not try to answer your question if they are not 100% sure that they know the answer. And be assured - we have strong quality assurance processes.

Qmanns always KISS

Don't worry, nobody's trying to kiss you. KISS stands for Keep It Short and Simple which is the core idea behind all answers you will receive by the answerers (Qmans). This means that, no matter how complex is your question, you will receive a concise answers that is written in a way that anyone can easily understand!